10+ Free Or Public Domain Resources For Education And Fun

10 Free Or Public Domain Resources For Education And Fun 1

These are free or public domain resources for children, parents, caregivers, educators, and just about everyone. They may be listed for their quality, uniqueness, fun value, reviews, usefulness, popularity, or a massive collection of relevant information.

10+ Free Or Public Domain Resources For Education And Fun

  1. Gutenberg
  2. Amazon Free Kindle Ebooks
  3. Librivox
  4. YouTube Omeleto
  5. YouTube Dust
  6. Tubi
  7. class central
  8. Storyline Online
  9. Edutopia
  10. We Are Teachers
  11. CheckIO
  12. Duolingo

Below is the categorization of more information and descriptions for each resource and additional resources that can benefit readers in the last section.


  1. Gutenberg
  2. Amazon Free Kindle Ebooks

While Gutenberg has the public domain released works, Amazon Kindle Free Ebooks include current authors’ works. Some works of possible interest:

. P.G. Wodehouse’s light-hearted, humorous ebooks

. Arthur Conan Doyle’s works, including the famous Sherlock Holmes

. The Agatha Christie Works including Poirot

Just P.G. Wodehouse‘s lengthy ebooks can provide numerous hours of fun entertainment, joyous laughter, and English improvement. The light content, style, and language of writing are in contrast without stark elements of darkness and negativities prevalent in many fiction works, though be warned the popular Jeeves portrayed as smart and judicious, upon closer inspection the seemingly harmless weaving of intricate schemes and lies is actually the opposite, rendering it questionable reading for some or most.



Some people learn better by listening and this is suited for situations such as contemplation while traveling. You may also enhance your experience by listening to P.G. Wodehouse’s works on Librivox.


Short Films

YouTube Omeleto

Short films may be interesting, thought-provoking, plot-twisting, emotionally investing, entertaining, or simply beautiful.

Sci-Fi Short Films

YouTube Dust

Sometimes, good shorts with special modern effects is good enough. Probably the kind of background shorts to play while you engage in some primary activities.



Tubi offers free and legal movies for everyone across different platforms. These may not be box office records breakers but they do offer different ones than the usual Netflix. Like YouTube, Chromecast is supported for the Tubi Android app.

Online courses

class central

This is a massive collection list of information about online courses from universities including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and providers such as Coursera, FutureLlearn, edX, Udacity, Udemy, and institutions such as Google, Linux Foundation, and British Council.

Some courses have reviews, so you can factor that in and evaluate whether to take or skip. Study groups are also available for joining.

The courses information listed here is more geared towards academics and professionals.

For children

Storyline Online

Did you ever have fond memories of libraries and vivid storytellers?

Thanks to SAG-AFTRA Foundation, now children, parents, educators, and caregivers can access these stories as told 24 by 7 on YouTube. Plus these stories can strengthen written and verbal English learning in addition to entertainment.

Storyline Online can be a gem in the eyes of a child.

For K-12 educators


Edutopia (founded by George Lucas) takes a strategic approach to help students succeed in studies and life with a wealth of ideas and information.

For teachers

We Are Teachers has classroom ideas and printables for different grades and topics for teachers such as narrative writing and kids-friendly songs.


Have fun learning Python or Typescript with mission based coding games @ CheckIO

Learn Kotlin (official Android programming language)

As with all endeavors, we should have a clear attainable GOAL of applicable results, learning programming is no different. For example, an Android app that illustrates the ETFs returns of a dollar cost averaging strategy.


Duolingo is a popular and free languages app available through different platforms and claimed to be backed by research that it works.

Learning a language to be proficient can be time-consuming. Again, we need to identify clearly our purpose for learning before embarking on this possibly long and arduous journey so we know where it should end and not be another quitter-shelved project. Is it for general traveling, conference interpreters, translation work for anime, or others?

On a side note, did you miss this post?   Study Better: Zorbi Flashcards With Chrome And Notion Integration

Some thoughts

Be logical in every way. Set a good realistic goal or purpose and stay focused on achieving it. Split up the goal into different levels of numerous tasks and attainable projects. However, we should know or realize our own capabilities and needs as well. What we can and need to do may be different from our expectations. Also, be creative and think outside the box yet without comprising ethics in achieving your purpose. Remember we all have a choice to be a better person.

Learning and proficiency can be accelerated in different ways. Some are trained since young like piano. Some develop specialized methods like organizing via mental compartmentalization or visual maps. My personal favorite and recommendation is logic, the deeper the understanding the better. Based on the correct logic, we can deduce further and derive applications.

Whichever educational resource one may choose, be it the internet or physical books, it is impertinent that we always filter for those that impart good and wholesome values such as selflessness, honesty, and kindness to our precious younglings and generations beyond.

Good luck and best of successes in all your altruistic endeavors!

Related Or More Information

How to read Gutenberg ebooks on Android?

ReadEra app is a breeze to use. Just download the ebook in Epub or Kindle formats. ReadEra can scan and add supported formats including TXT and PDF into the library. Taking notes on quotes for later easy access and night mode work.

How to listen to Librivox recordings on Android?

Librivox Audio Books by BookDesign works well. It tracks your recent audios and resumes where you stopped, with reviews and Chromecast support.

Why pay for learning?

In cases where there are skills or information that you seek are not easily found for free, then paid resources may be your next choice.

For example, some Udemy courses with good reviews may offer condensed and useful information on specific and relevant topics with possible instructor support. For example, ZTM courses (Web Developer, Python, Machine Learning & Data Science, and more) may accelerate applications of your learning, as well as building a portfolio resume.

Another example may be a different or better experience, such as the Mango languages app. One may also access Mango languages for free through local libraries, community organizations, and schools. Clozemaster is also another good language learning app that may be worth your time.

If your kid enjoyed Storyline Online, then Vooks – animated storybooks can be your next consideration.

For kids and teens who love to have lots of fun with others while learning, why not get educational board games?


Affordable curated films (art and classics, not the usual blockbusters) that add one film every day.

Financial planning?

Life is more than just academics and working or homemaking. One critical aspect we need to be educated in is financial planning. Don’t fail to plan for you and your family’s sake. And we can learn it free including from callers’ mistakes, for example, The Ramsey Show on YouTube


YouTube OCB Relax has numerous relaxing titles ranging from few minutes to hours of playtime. These can be excellent for studying, family, friends, pets, or just chilling out.

YouTube RelaxMyCat is another relaxing channel topic but with a cats theme that will appeal to cat lovers. We can be happier just being together with our loved ones and pets, rather than the endless pursuit of stuff that does not really matter in the end.