Takenotesguide.com aims to up the game with an optimistic guide to modern note-taking. Not for learning particular traditional notes taking method. Please note that all information here is for reference only.

Who am I? 

Just a humble blogging author. I am not proclaiming myself as a professional educator, but just sharing these posts as a personal blogger that hopefully can benefit someone in their note-taking journey. I believe anyone can take notes and have the right to share with others their experience and realization for inspiration.

Personal preference

  • I don’t quite like some traditional ways of taking notes. I do not divide lines in my pages or draws a lot of tentacles all over the page (except for creative ways of note use such as manga & comic style layout format); Though I recommend Mind Palace over conventional Mind Mapping.
  • Nor do I like to compulsively use stencils or overdo with colored highlighters. Moderation when appropriate is fine. Overwhelming notes design looks unappealing or even complicated enough to turn off my interest.
  • Prefer more natural or intuitive approaches – Note-taking strategies that can apply not just this topic or instructor but beyond and even to noting & sharing life experiences i.e. blogging and writing. 

What can you find here?

I focus on writing quality notes through logical, creative, or modern ways, enhance understanding of notes matter and also a remembrance with frequent contemplation. The purpose of taking notes is for the training of logical thinking, at least to me. These ways/methods/strategies/techniques/how-tos may not be limited to only note-taking but may be applied to other aspects of everyday activities including studying and researching.

Why should I listen to you?

You don’t have to. I may not even be grammatically perfect. But you can gauge if the quality of this note-taking content that originates from a note app appeals and deserves your attention or not. But I did put in numerous hours of my time into these posts, so I hope you find some value in these writings.

No guarantee of results

By no means, I am making any promises for your results. Nor am I asserting myself to be a qualified expert. People are different. Results may vary with individuals.

How to use this site?

  1. Read all the posts
  2. Read some or related posts
  3. Just one post
  4. Just a method or one aspect
  5. A combination of what you like
  6. Test method after method to see which works best for you

In short, you can just a-la-carte and get what you want from the many writings here. The notable regard here is to act on it. Some ideas or methods may overlap but there may also be subtle variations or explanations that may be more beneficial than others.

The approach here:

  1. Body – Food, drinks, exercise, and ample sleep for physical health
  2. Speech – Learn methods here to write better notes; Readout or make presentations if you like
  3. Mind – Be kind and loving to others
4 min Tabata Workout

If you are wondering if you should be exercising, please read this study or article by Áine Kelly (Professor in Physiology) in Nov 2020 that highlights regular exercise for brain health, namely memory, blood vessels, and inflammation. It also indicates plenty of research (though not all) that regular exercise suggests many beneficial health aspects. Actually, a good daily exercise workout can be performed with just a small space, no equipment, and less than 5 minutes a day i.e. The 4 min Tabata workout video shown above.

How does the author of Takenotesguide.com take notes?

With different methods. You might come across points where I mentioned I use this. With a note app, I am gravitating to Keep these days. You have to figure out what works best for you. I can only write, share, and recommend what is possible but the rest is your decision and action. Perhaps like others as well, my note-taking methods or resources may also change or evolve over time.

Bold for quick recap technique

This page has some bold words that summarise what we want naturally – information in as few words as possible. A good technique for taking your notes and blog writings especially long ones is to bold it for yourself and others to quickly capture or recap main concepts. Learn and apply it. Most of this site has answer paragraphs, headings or subheadings bolded instead.

TakeNotesGuide is not about conventional, decades-old note-taking systems (though I do write about age-old methods that work), but more about reinvigorating and modernizing the current note-taking landscape, hopefully with optimism and buoyant approaches.

By the way, you can look up the Menu -> General Note-taking And More for a listing of all posts. Under Menu -> Resources, these following posts may be of interest or help to you:

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Join me in this exploration of notes-taking with a contemporary twist 🙂 

Believe firmly in cause and effect. Be kind and best of luck!

S.L. Ting

Dip. (Computer Studies), B.Sc. (Information Technology)

contact [at] takenotesguide [dot] com

Note-taking can be inspired by nature. Picture notes can be created with tracing over images with grids.

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