Resources for note-taking, mind mapping, story-telling, memory training, non-fiction, inspiration, educational learning, stress relief, relaxation, or enjoyment.

Stress Relief, Relaxation, And Enjoyment

Sunset, Sun, And Sky Photobook
Sunset, Sun, And Sky Photobook (Free For Personal Use)
  1. Forest Wild Birds Chirping About 30 seconds
  2. Forest Wild Birds Chirping About Two Minutes
  3. Forest Wild Birds Chirping About Five Minutes
Music for relaxation and study
Lullabies for relaxation
For inspiration and entertainment

RadioTunes Sleep Relaxation Channel

Board Games (Mind Mapping And More)

Chronology – Fun with learning world history with 420+ cards with 850+ events (Age 14+)

60 Seconds What’s Your Story – For teens and adults story-telling fun (Age 12+)

Decrypto – interestingly creative (Age 12+)

Dixit – Imaginative story-telling for family and party fun (Age 8+) 

Continent Race – Intuitive for learning world geography and notes associations with countries (Age 7+)

Tall Tales – Five different ways to play this family game of story-telling (Age 4-99)

The Memory Palace by Peaceable Kingdom (Age 5+) can be a good story-telling board game for kids while spending quality time with family. Kids may learn a useful memory skill that lasts a lifetime while having a memorable childhood playtime. Regardless, our limited time spent with our loved ones is priceless so plan ahead to make the best of it. I hope all kids can learn to be smart and intelligent, and most of all to be good and kind.

Books and Games For Logic, Critical Thinking, Problem-solving Or Puzzler

Rapid Problem Solving with Post-it Notes

Critical Thinking by Brooke Noel Moore & Richard Parker

Blue Orange Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game for Age 8+ may be a fun board game that can entertain everyone (even adults may enjoy) while training to think fast in a logical way. This game can also be played by yourself

10 critical thinking card games book (Age 8-10). 2 other books by Elaine Richard include 10 reading comprehension and vocabulary card games

The Programming Team is a book to help aged 2+ kids learn to program with a story

Quell and [the sequence] are logic puzzlers on Steam

7 Billion Humans and Algo Bot are programming puzzlers on Steam

Card Games, Deck, And Flash Cards

Travelflips flashcardsChinese Japanese Korean Spanish French German Italian Russian

Sign language flashcards

Writing prompt deck

Quiddler The Short Word Game (Age 8+) with beautiful cards artwork can be a fun and educational choice 

KLOO colored card games to learn Italian, French, Spanish, and English languages (Age 6+)

Computer Science Flash Cards by Barron’s AP

Computer Science A with Online Tests by Barron’s AP

Dollhouses And Play Sets (Mind Palace)

  • Kids and perhaps even adults may associate notes and stories with miniature objects.

Mind Palace Books With Examples

I looked at the table of contents (similar and both cover the Journey Method) for these books by Dominic O’Brien – how to pass exams and You can have an amazing memory. Please note these are not very recent publish but the author, 8x World Memory Champion, teaches with examples. This may work for you if you prefer this book format and style.  Personally, I do like that the author has proved himself to be a memory champion times over, and he teaches with examples which may effectively save time on reading lots before the main idea and practice.

Mind Palace Book With Shakespeare and Dickens

Mind Palace can be applied for example memorizing Shakespeare play titles. The Memory Palace teaches how with exercises. It also covers Charles Dickens’ novel titles so you can use Mind Palace to remember 37 Shakespeare play & 20 Dickens novel titles. It may help with other lists of information for memory.

This may be a fitting method for:

  1. Students who want to score with Shakespearean works but you should have to put in much more effort into each play beyond just this book reading
  2. People with a proclivity for visual learning
  3. Anyone who had a good learning experience with his or her literature and Shakespearean studies, and would like to explore what other benefits are possible


Amazon’s Audible Membership offers over 200,000 titles to choose from and free swap if you do not like your audiobook. Remember you can replay (cross-platform) repeatedly to boost and refine your learning experience from a good audiobook, even if it is just one title a month. And you can cancel anytime but still get to keep your audiobook.

LibriVox and Digitalbook have free public domain audiobooks collection.

Writing Non-Fiction Books

How to write a non-fiction kindle ebook in 7 days – Wesley Atkins

How to write non-fiction – Joanna Penn

How to write winning non-fiction – Suzan St Maur

Books For PhD

Getting What You Came For – Robert Peters

Authoring a PhD – Patrick Dunleavy

How to Get a Ph.D. – Estelle Phillips & Derek.S. Pugh

Udemy Courses

  1. Amazing 30 minutes Study Skill – Pass Exams Without Revision
  2. How To Manage Time Effectively And Increase Productivity
  3. Never be lied to again – Dr. David J. Lieberman
  4. Award-Winning Lie Detection Course – Dr. David J. Lieberman
  5. The Complete Web Developer Course 2019: Zero To Mastery (ZTM)
  6. Master the coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms

Free Memrise Courses:

Notebook and more

Rocketbook – Re-use by writing, scan, and upload to cloud with app integration

Rocketbook Mini

Colourful and elegant journal notebook

Kraft notebook journals with different designs

Juvale spiral notebook with stickies and pen

Vintage McCall’s patterns notebook collection and notecards

Post-it notes

Smart Marks

Plastic write-and-erase bookmark

Vim Keyboard Sticker

iPad and Apple Pencil

MEKO universal stylus pens

Wacom Smartpad

Wacom Cintiq Drawing Tablet

Apple iMac

Google Pixelbook

Linux Mint stick or flash drive

Asus Chromebit stick

Pocket Printer

Ink Pens

Quick-drying pens

Stainless steel keychain with small 4.5” pen or Aluminium note case with mini pen and notepad

Durable space pen

Translator Devices

Read and hear for call or voice to text translations of up to 38 languages support

Photo translations of 44 languages support and 2-way real-time, instant voice translations of 104 languages support


Learn to draw with pinpoint accuracy (transparent grids) – Colin Bradley Art

To draw as a form of visual note can be a beautiful skill to behold. I like this systematic (akin to Divide-And-Conquer) and simple approach that both children and adults can apply; All one needs is to focus and be able to replicate the outline by hand, no years of art lessons needed for this. I believe one may “see” the grid in one’s mind with enough practice. WIth modern tablets such as iPad, the screen image may be overlayed with the transparent grid. Coloring the drawing will be a more artistic and natural use of colors in notes.

Alternatively, one may consider Ticteck Light Box Tracer for tracing images.

Below video by a ballpoint pen artist does not cover transparent grids but I hope it can inspire you to draw nevertheless.

Notes & Cards


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