4 Free Logic And Critical Thinking Training Resources And More

4 Free Logic And Critical Thinking Training Resources And More

“Does this makes sense?”, as we sometimes hear, is truly understated, considering how often people speak and act in illogical ways. Across the different posts on TakeNotesGuide.com, you may have noticed logic being highlighted as of utmost importance over others. I am wondering what are some resources that may benefit and help our readers develop logical and critical thinking skills.

4 Free Logic And Critical Thinking Training Resources

  1. Logical And Critical Thinking (UOA)
  2. AoPS Online
  3. Project Euler
  4. CheckIO

These 4 free logic and critical thinking theories, maths, programming exercises, and resources are free, however, more alternatives are included and other paid resources are also listed below in the last section.

Logical And Critical Thinking

Logical And Critical Thinking is a free FutureLearn online course by the University of Auckland that aims to evaluate critical thinking with various approaches. Some may feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information in this 8 weeks course. Counterexamples in week 4 may be one of my favorites. Not only one learns of logical strategies, but will also apply these in a few areas including science and moral theories.

For those who prefer a simpler and shorter course, Critical Thinking At University: An Introduction (free 2 weeks course) by the University of Leeds at FutureLearn may be more suited for you.

Free Logic Android App

Theories on logic for free. There are 12 sections but I like that they are so concise to the point and it uses examples (one if not my favorites) at times to illustrates. The last section is proposition exercise questions followed by answers. This may be the better way to learn about the logic theory itself for its convenience and conciseness.

AoPS Online (Art Of Problem Solving)

AoPS Online offers free numerous graded problems and solutions, including from AMC (American Mathematics Competition). Logic training through algorithmic problem solving (Ferreira, Mendes, Cunha, Baquero 2011) advocates algorithmic problem solving to train logic, though the participants’ size is small.

Project Euler

Challenging logic and mathematical or computer programming problems puzzles for students and adults can be found at Project Euler. This site may have been around since 2001, has more than 750 problems for solving, and tends to be mathematical in nature. Perhaps more suitable for someone who is more inclined towards having fun with maths and takes his strides in solving problems in a patient and regular fashion.


Coding can actually be a good logical exercise and test. Lines of codes are executed from a top-down fashion, and if there is a faulty line, depending on the severity and scope of that error, it can result in unexpected results or even failure of the whole program. Thus, our logic and critical thinking are put to use and test when coding and troubleshooting. There are basically two types of programming errors: logic and syntax (acceptable format of code).

In the case of troubleshooting, it is also reflective of important aspects of life: realizations, problems identification, and rectification for the benefit of self and others. People who are narrow-minded and stubborn to accept the truth are likely to struggle in the pursuit of truth and wholesome performance. However, good coding skill does not necessarily equate to the moral character of strong integrity.

How to start or practice coding?

There are different resources to help learn and better one’s programming skills. For starters, a friendly resource with a gamified platform can be a good place to cultivate a pleasant experience, for example, CheckIO for missions on learning Python and Typescript with decent graphics.

Alternatively, Codewars is an educational community with discrete programming exercises of various ranks in an integrated environment. Multiple languages including Python, Javascript, Kotlin are available.

For more experienced modern programmers, Stackoverflow may be an indispensable resource.

Are there any public domain detective books?

An eye for anything unusual or out-of-place, and coupled with accurate deductive reasoning are likely to help nail the culprit or guilty ones. However, these books that led the readers by the nose may provide more entertainment value than training your own deductive skills.

Knowing and applying can be two very *different* things.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

Also, one may check out Agatha Christie’s works including Poirot on Gutenberg. An interesting read on an algorithm to spot an Agatha Christie mystery?

If you are after a good laugh, you may be better off reading Jeeves books by P.G. Wodehouse

10+ Free Or Public Domain Resources For Education And Fun may also be of interest to you.

Gutenberg Twitter

Some thoughts

Logical and critical thinking is a superior approach or way we study, understand, and examine what we know, applicable to all aspects of life, not just decisions, academic, work, relationships, but even the true nature of our own self or mind. Applied correctly, we may realize our fallacies and shortcomings in our own reasonings and the right solutions that follow. It is important because our life choices and happiness depend on them.

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Believe firmly in cause and effect. Be kind and good luck!

Related or more information

Are there any critical thinking board games?

Here are some general ones on Amazon.

Are there any logic or puzzles in Android Apps?

Selected below are logic (or creative puzzles) apps with reasonably good ratings.

Garam – Logic puzzles

Sudoku style with a twist: Number games.

Brain code – hard puzzle games/brain test

This game may help to be creative and think outside the box in a modern coding manner.

Word logic. Your trivia puzzle

This is a words and objects sequence arrangement game.

Note: Games have in-app purchases. But download and start playing is free.

Are there any logic or puzzles in iOS apps?

Below are some selected ones with some appealing merits


This is an award-winning puzzles game app by Amanita Design s.r.o. that depicts a crafted adventure world with detailed unique or uncommon visual art elements. However, this may not be for someone who does not have the patience or a certain aptitude for puzzle adventure games.

Logic Puzzles Daily

This app has over 2500 puzzle grid-based, timed, elaborate logic problems for mental training.

The Room Pocket

A clues and puzzles mystery quest with top-notch visual graphics but an unsettling theme. If you enjoyed these games, Fireproof Studios Limited has other related games. The Room is also on Andriod.

Is there a book/ebook to learn algorithms?

Introduction to Algorithm: Third Edition (The MIT Press 1312 pages; sale and rental, Amazon) is the preferred choice for some.

Algorithms Unlocked (240 pages, The MIT Press) teaches the basics of computer algorithms for nonexperts.

Is there a paid logic and problem-solving course?


Learn Logic and problem solving with math and science for aged ten and above from their Logic course. The android app can be found here.

Brilliant has much more: With visual elements and STEM, Brilliant offers more than 60 courses, including Logic, Joy of Problem Solving, Logic II, and also relating algebra, mathematics, geometry, statistics & probability, calculus, advanced mathematics, scientific thinking, classical physics, applied science, computer science, applied science.

If you or your family are enrolling in higher education and universities, why not give yourself or others a headstart with this visually appealing resource?

As for the pricing of their site membership, it may depend on your country i.e. less than 9 USD per month with annual payment.

However, their daily problems are for free here, which may be sufficient for general logic and problem-solving training.

Is there a free personalized site for students, educators, and parents to learn various school subjects?

Khan academy is a well-known personalized education resource with videos but popular sentiments seem to indicate better used as a supplement, refreshers, or preparation prior course. The Android app is here.

Are there paid modern projects-based courses with support?

Andrea Neagoie (an experienced programmer) has various popular Udemy courses or career paths tasked with projects that are relevant to the modern market (Web developer, Python, Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, and more) and job seekers by building a portfolio resume. His curriculum videos are pleasant, clear, and succinct to the point of good quality. Support was available through Udemy and Discord server last I remembered. Please note that Udemy offers discounts regularly.

His most-viewed YouTube video as of this typing is as below:

Where to store temporary information and codes?

Google Keep. Why? Because it is a good cross-platform, stable, and fast convenient notes app with search capabilities, operates and saves on smartphone even without internet connection. However, codes will not be compiled here.

CodePen. For those who need a playground or showcase their HTML, CSS, Javascript codes. CodePen is probably best in this field of expertise. A more basic rudimentary version without the bells and whistles is JSbin.

Is there a tech learning site for getting a tech job?

Thinkful offers 1-to-1 mentorship and career services for tech job prospects. Their tuition fees run in the thousands, however, what is interesting is their outcome where they showcase different graduates who got employed where. Please do your own due diligence and consider carefully before making a decision, Thinkful is not a recommendation or endorsement from the author.