Covid-19 Fight

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  1. Stay home and be safe. Prevention is better than recovery #Stayhome
  2. Wear your face mask, practice crowd, and social distancing if you must go out
  3. Important to get vaccinated to protect yourself, family, and others
  4. Gargle with saltwater wherever you go out and come back because the virus is reported to stay and infect from the throat or respiratory channel. Bring a bottle of saltwater and gargling with it may make a huge difference. The saltwater can also be used to disinfect our hands
  5. A Covid related study finds antiviral activity in green tea’s EGCG.

Be logical, protect yourself and others. Do not be misled by misinformation or someone’s selfish agenda. For example, if you think it’s a hoax, simply take a look at any of the posted YouTube videos of hospitals’ Covid patients. Please get vaccinated and wear your masks.